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Clerk Grade 2 – Smart Building Energy Management


Make a difference
Do you see yourself working as a grade employee for one of the largest providers of social housing in North America dedicated to improving the lives of its residents? Are you a dynamic, service-oriented person who is eager to learn and extend your current skills? If this sounds like you, we have an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

What will you do

Respond to inquiries by phone and email
Stay up to date on legislation, policies, events, etc. suitable for activating current information.
Maintain the computerized system / databases by updating the full percentage of work orders and work numbers, ensuring daily progress in billing to customers.
Create work orders, job numbers and quotes daily.
Enter data (for example, invoices, PR, CCN … etc.) into the computerized database (ie CMS, Easy Trac and other data systems if necessary, etc.) and follow the document approvals (for example, invoices, ACC, CCN … .etc).
Keep track of supplier costs to guarantee payment of all invoices before the end of the year.
Contact suppliers for billing, late billing, quote verification, and other related items.
Create multiple spreadsheets and documents with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office.

Track, verify, update CMS, EasyTrac and other data systems as needed
Create, close, fax and classify purchase orders with suppliers (suppliers / subcontractors / consultants, Property Management… .etc) for the Facilities Administration unit,
Assign purchase orders and work orders to all incoming invoices and distribute them for your signature.
Keep a continuous and documented record of work orders, job numbers with job descriptions.
Create printed files for work orders and jobs that require documentation of material / project information submitted.
Prepare closing documents, including maintenance manuals, warranties, signatures … etc. for completed work.
Track supplier cost by entering invoices related to specific work in the computerized database, construction file system and reconciliation lots.
Prepare correspondence, notices (including translations), letters, emails, and copy and delivery plans.
Prepare and send a notice to TCHC-Asset Management, Call Center… .etc.
Schedule meetings, prepare agendas, take minutes, request snacks, location and booking of meeting rooms, and attend multiple meetings.
Keep a list of cell phones, present monthly phone usage records, hours of rest, travel / mileage, etc. notify the fault manager.
Prepare and request courier packages for collection and delivery.
Advise the emergency response center, in writing, for the contact details of the person to contact in case of emergency and the scope of work for all work at the start.
Prepare financial reports, supplier and customer files.
Prepare documentation for pre-construction meetings, site progress meetings, site inspection meetings, work closings and guarantees.
Enter trading hours in the computerized database
What you will need as a 2nd year employee
Demonstrated knowledge of legislation, laws, policies, etc. related to housing.
Demonstrated experience in the use of financial systems with the ability to extract and compile data.
Working knowledge of the organizational structure of the TCHC would be helpful in responding to inquiries from internal and external sources and in properly directing documents within the organization.
Proven oral and written communication skills are required to draft correspondence and respond to requests for information from a wide range of internal and external contacts.
As a Level 2 employee Experience with a variety of PC desktop computer systems with demonstrated ability in various software products, including MS Office and SQL.
As a grade 2 employee, you must be able to organize, prioritize a heavy and constant workload and meet deadlines with conflicting priorities
The experience acquired with tradesmen of international craftsmen and collective agreements will be appreciated.

Once you apply, we’ll review your resume to determine if your skills and experience match the qualifications for the role and only qualified candidates will be contacted for next steps. If you move forward, the process may include an interview, written/practical test, and reference check.



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